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Uzbekistan visa support  
Travel to Uzbekistan requires a visa covering the duration of your stay in the country.



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Most important information about getting visa for Uzbekistan.
Foreigners who enter/leave Uzbekistan must pass check points on frontier and present their national passport and the visa.
Visas are issued by Uzbekistan Embassies and Consulates (see the list of Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan). Visas have to be obtained before arrival in Uzbekistan. But in some cases a visa can be obtained at the airport of Tashkent. E.g. if you reside in a country that does not have an Uzbek Embassy or Consulate.

In order to obtain the visa support please contact Mubiko Travel Agency.
Please provide us with the fullest information.

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Q: Is it necessary to get a visa to Uzbekistan?
A: Every traveller must receive a visa for entry to Uzbekistan before arrival, whether by plane, train, bus, car or camel. You will be refused entry without a visa. The only exception is if you are arriving from a country that does not have an Uzbek embassy or consulate. In this case, if you follow the correct procedure for obtaining a visa (apply before arrival and receive an invitation), you may receive a visa at the Tashkent Airport.

Q: Visa Support letter. How can I get it?
A: Any company licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan can issue this Visa Support letter.To apply for a visa foreign nationals need a visa support (Letter Of Invitation - LOI) from a local organization like "Mubiko" Travel Agency.  The letter confirms your visit in Uzbekistan and has to be sent to you so that you can apply for the visa at the Uzbek embassy or Consulate in your country.

Q: Once I received the Letter Of Invitation what shall I do next?
A: Right away after receiving of LOI you can apply for the visa from appropriate Embassy or Consulate of Uzbekistan.


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