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The listing of the  restaurants in Tashkent. Places for any taste and budget. Tashkent have dozens of restaurants serving various world cuisines. Whether you are seeking traditional Uzbek restaurants or restaurants offering such famous cuisines as French and Italian, you will find the most suitable place in the capital of Uzbekistan. 

RESTAURANT City Address Phones, Fax E-mail, http

       Century restaurant-bar     

Tashkent  Yunusabad, st. Malyasova, 3 Tel: 35-82-06
Crossroads cafe Tashkent st. Azimova, 79A Tel: 55-87-01
Colorado Tashkent st. Bobur, 21 Tel: 144-31-63
Cue buziness club Tashkent st. Nukus, 79A Tel: 55-82-88
Tel: 54-78-63
Fax: 54-77-66
Dabusiya ltd Tashkent Yunusabad, st. Amira Temura, 112 Tel: 132-22-01
Drujba karnak (sherbek pe) restaurant Tashkent st. Farkhad Tel: 76-13-47
Eshpulat-ota private firm Tashkent Sabir Rahimov, ave Beruni , b-1 Tel: 49-44-70
Tel: 49-08-71
Europe restaurant Tashkent st. Chilanzarskaya, 65 Tel: 77-44-06
Evro-asia restaurant Tashkent st. Tsiolkovskogo, 186 Tel: 169-55-69
Favorit restaurant Tashkent Yunusabad, st. Amira Temura, 107 Tel: 127-39-47 favorit@bos.ru
Festival private enterprener Tashkent Chilanzar, st. Uzbekistan , 98A Tel: 45-81-23
Tel: 144-26-22
Fax: 44-49-75
Fan pub and restaurant Tashkent st. Movarounnakhr, 32 Tel: 100-33-33
Gallery restaurant Tashkent st. Pakhtakorskaya, 5 Tel: 120-72-92
Tel: 120-69-33
Fax: 41-44-04
1001 nights cafe-bar Tashkent Yunusabad, st. Amira Temura, 70 Tel: 34-90-78
Fax: 120-66-75
Akademik restaurant Tashkent Chilanzar, st. Uzbekistan, 45 Tel: 132-61-35
Tel: 132-61-34
Aksaray restaurant-bar Tashkent Chilanzar, st. Uzbekistan, 98A Tel: 41-34-23
Tel: 144-45-58
Al-dolphin restaurant Tashkent Yunusabad, st. Malyasova , 3 Tel: 133-13-08
Tel: 34-04-00
Aladdin russian & night club Tashkent place Mustakillik, 5 Tel: 139-10-40
Tel: 139-13-03
Amako bouling jvc Tashkent st. Aybeka, 24 Tel: 55-47-92
Tel: 152-61-63
Ambassador branch Tashkent st. Murtazaeva, 6 Tel: 137-16-44
Tel: 34-86-88
Amir Temur art restaurant Tashkent st. Abidovoy, 37 Tel: 35-04-15
Tel: 35-57-14
Amudarya restaurant Tashkent Yunusabad, st. Amira Temura, 15 Tel: 138-30-00
Ankhor (restaurant-cafe) collectives enterprise Tashkent st. Tukaya, 33A Tel: 41-71-10
Aristocrat. restaurant Tashkent st. Abaya, 4 Tel: 41-02-09
Ariston cafe private enterprener Tashkent Sabir Rahimov, st.Lashkarbegi, 2 Tel: 133-38-81
Tel: 133-50-80
Asmir restaurant Tashkent st. Tarasa Shevchenko, 8/6 Tel: 56-53-51
Tel: 56-34-69
Atlanta restaurant Tashkent st. Buyuk Ipak Iyuli, 115 Tel: 68-68-21
Barno nur branch Tashkent st. Khamid Alimdjan, 11 Tel: 136-21-88
Tel: 133-04-77
Baron restaurant katta ayu privat stock company Tashkent Yunusabad, st. Makhsudova, 72 Tel: 133-93-01
Tel: 133-93-08
Bashkent restaurant Tashkent st. Navoi , Market Row Tel: 144-55-49
Bistro restaurant private firm Tashkent Mirabad, st. Movarounnakhr, 33 Tel: 152-11-12
Tel: 152-32-23
Buston private enterprener Tashkent st. Kakhhara, 42 Tel: 55-15-09
Tel: 152-21-82
Caravan-art private firm Tashkent st. Kakhhara, 22 Tel: 152-74-64
Tel: 152-75-55
Caravan-saray hotel Tashkent st. Tarabi, 27 Tel: 120-88-99 info@dolores.uz
Haejin new world, republic of korea branch Tashkent st. Ataturka, 28 Tel: 133-33-22
Ilhom restaurant-bar Tashkent st. Pakhtakorskaya, 5 Tel: 41-22-90
Tel: 41-42-24
Inconel business centre Tashkent st. Pushkina, 75 Tel: 120-51-51
Tel: 120-75-88
Istambul. restaurant, club Tashkent st. Pushkina, 1
Istiklol restaurant Tashkent st. Asomova , Quay Of The Rive Tel: 137-66-08
Tel: 137-63-39
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Every endeavour is made to keep this information up to date, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information relating to any of the  addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.  If you find errors, I would appreciate hearing about it.
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